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Not to knock the competition, (well, perhaps a little) but not all home inspectors are created equal. The training for home inspection licensing and certification is pretty good, and varies from State to State. In fact, some are very strictly regulated.

However, the background of a home inspector can be wide ranging. Some come from industries far removed from home construction; and some have years of housing experience. So, as a client, the home buyer must usually rely on 2 things; the certifications, and asking the right questions.

When you select a home inspector, ask what they did BEFORE they became an inspector. This will provide you with insight as to background. Someone with years as a home builder, electrician, plumber, or other construction professions would be a plus. Also, there are other certifications. A licensed home inspector in most cases only had to attend a 2 week course, study, and take an exam. While they do take continuing education, this is really pretty simple. However, some go the extra mile.

There are specialized certifications that can "take it up a notch" in the inspection industry. A building performance analyst is someone who has taken building science training, and continues to take courses annually. A HERS rater is a specialized designation that focuses on energy efficiency, and diagnoses new and existing homes with high tech equipment. Look for certifications beyond the home inspection license. this will insure you get someone who considers their work a profession, not a job.

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