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So, with the site launched, we now begin the process of finding all the errors I missed! Well, hopefully that won't be much; but we can clear them up between inspections and diagnostics. Feel free to email anything you may find, I don't mind critique one bit.

I also want to encourage you to tour our site to learn more about the services we can offer you. While a business' core purpose is to earn a profit, the Energy Efficiency Industry holds an enormous attraction. Southern Valley Services has a great interest in helping everyone improve our energy efficiency and reduce utility cost in every home in North Alabama.

While we are a "green" company, providing energy to every home and business in the country should concern us all here in the TVA Valley. Our kilowatt costs are less than half the cost of many other regions of the country; and can stay that way only if we take steps to stay ahead of population growth in our area. As I mentioned in our first blog, the best way to reduce demand lies in improving existing homes. Steps taken in the new home industry are already having results; with new homes energy savings of 30% and more over existing homes built prior to the 2012 enactment of energy code enforcement.

So, as you look over our site, check out the links and PDF files that provide loads of information from sources I have learned from. Enjoy them; and most importantly, take action.

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